Infant Feeding Schedule

Your baby is your weakest nerve. He or she is the only one who can easily melt your heart. A newborn baby is much more than soft mushy skin. Motherhood comes with different kinds of responsibilities. It is a full time duty where you are not even allowed to take a break for even two minutes. It is the responsibility of a mother to see that her child gets the requisite nutrition. Babies and especially infants, are so delicate that even little carelessness can harm them. Hence, an appropriate food diet and feeding schedule is recommended by all the doctors.

Mothers generally read too many books on babies and motherhood during pregnancy. It is true that books for babies do not generally contain any misguiding information. Then too, it is better to be on the safer side. One extra step of safety for your infant shall not cost you much. Hence, you must visit a children’s doctor to know more about your baby feeding chart. A word of caution and advice from experts shall not harm or cost you much. It will just take a little more time and effort but will ensure that your child gets the requisite nutrition at the right time.

Most of the infants spend 18 hours sleeping. With newborns, this sleeping span is almost 20-22 hours. Hence the only one or two hours for which they have to be awake are for their baby feeding chart. In case of babies who are at least 3 to 4 months old, a proper feeding schedule can be made. Infant feeding schedule is not very difficult to design. Their schedule is almost like the standard feeding schedule for all the babies aged 2 months to 3 years.

The only difference is in their diet. They cannot be given any gas causing or unhealthy foods. Food items like spinach purees and tomato juice are also forbidden for children. They can be given only milk based food or cerelac. Cerelac and baby food formulae are easily available in the market. A word of caution for all those people who use readymade food items for their children- Never use any readymade product after its date of expiry, even if the label says that a particular product is “best before” a particular date. If you see that a lot of formula is still left in the box and you don’t want to throw it away, please eat it yourself. Never give it to your babies. The product may not be stale but it can still cause harm to your delicate kid. His or her digestive system is still not very strong. Hence all the necessary precautions must be taken.