Baby Feeding Schedule

It is essential to bind your baby to a particular schedule. You definitely don’t want your kid to sleep in mornings and stay up whole night. You don’t want him or her to take a nap at your get together or ask for food in the middle of the night. Not binding your baby to a proper schedule can make your life very hectic. Babies who have a tight schedule for everything grow up to be disciplined gentlemen and ladies. There should be a well-defined routine which your kid must follow or rather, a well-defined routine which you must MAKE HIM or her follow. You will definitely thank yourself in parlous situations like traffic jams or people dropping at your home without any notice. When you bind your kid to a specific schedule, you can also take out good 1 hour for yourself on a daily basis. Things would be a cake walk if your husband shares the responsibility of parenting with you. When you bind your baby to a schedule, your own routine won’t be a haphazard one. You can schedule your own tasks and get requisite rest.

The schedule must cover everything. A proper time for sleep, food, milk, television and poems. You can also fix a routine snack like an apple or a guava at five o’clock in the evening etc. Your child would hence know what to and what not to expect at a particular time. It is not advisable to fix the food items of the three most important meals of the baby feeding chart, that is, breakfast, lunch or dinner. These three main meals must have something new every alternate day.

Baby feeding schedule must be a 5 time exercise for any day. The first meal of your child should be breakfast. A healthy wholesome breakfast can include corn flakes or oat meal or rice meal or even a healthy fruit salad. Eating fruits in morning on an empty stomach may cause gas problems in children. Hence it is advisable to give your child a bottle of milk, an hour before giving fruits. The second small meal (preferably snacks) must be 1-2 hours before lunch. Lunch must be full of green veges and lentil soup. The fourth meal of the day should be in the evening. A healthy option would be vegetable or fruit juice. Your child’s dinner should be the lightest meal of the day. You can cook some porridge or semolina pudding for your kid. It is an appetizing and healthy option for dinner.

Creating a baby feeding schedule is not only a matter of requisite knowledge about foods and their nutritional value. It also includes knowing the needs of your child’s body. Hence it is always advisable to consult his or her pediatrician rather than using your own wisdom.