Remember we all were told about food chart when we were 5th or 7th standard? In our Biology classes, we were told about the importance of nutrition. We were also told about diet and baby food chart which must be followed on a regular basis depending upon our physical needs. If a food chart can play a big role in the lives of grownups then it is definitely of immense importance for kids. Your baby needs a proper feeding chart. Baby feeding charts are designed with utmost care and caution, keeping in mind his or her needs. As babies grow at a quick pace, it is important to make a baby feeding chart so that all their nutritional requirements are met out. Baby feeding chart is generally made by pediatrician or a nutritionist. Though seeking the help of a pediatrician is always more advisable.

Baby feeding chart are made for different age groups of baby. There are many standard charts which can be tweaked as per your baby’s needs. A baby food chart makes it quick and easy to determine the best foods for baby at each stage. After all your baby cannot eat cereals and mashed and pureed vegetables and fruits throughout his or her life. It is generally said that babies must not be given solid foods before 4 to 6 months. As per medical sciences, there is no current solid proof that delaying the introduction of solid foods beyond this period has a significant positive effect on the development of atopic disease regardless of whether babies are fed human milk or cow milk formula. This includes delaying the introduction of foods like eggs, fish etc. which are considered highly allergic.

This means that a much greater variety of foods can be introduced to your child at 6 months than the previous recommendations. Foods like wheat or eggs have a high risk of allergy. Despite this, it is advisable to get a food chart made for your baby by the age of 6 months. Food charts can also help you to eliminate some problematic products from the diet of your child. There are many foods in the market which may upset their stomach or may cause gas. Such products should be kept at a bay from babies as these little bundles of joy cannot really pin point the cause of pain. If any of the food upsets his or her stomach, he or she can only cry his lungs out. Hence it is always better to avoid giving certain foods.